CPSCUNIFORMS23- Clifton Park Soccer CLUB Level Uniform Package

Club Level Package consists of:

  • Authentic Hummel Game Jersey in Gold and in True Blue decorated with Club Crest, Affiliation, and Player Number
  • Authentic Hummel shorts and Socks, in Black
  • Youth &  Adult sizes.

**Sample sizes are available in the Clubhouse @ Commons or you should contact your Coach.


1. Select your player's level package; CPSC CLUB or CPSC Evolution

2. Record player's sizes for items requiring sizes and your assigned player number.

4. Select you player's Coach/Age level/Team from the drop down.

5. Proceed to Check out and Use the code provided by the Club for the Free Uniform package assigned to the Level.

6. Be certain to select "Pick up by CPSC Team Coach/Manager" to have the uniform delivered with the Team- DO NOT Pay for Shipping- The order will not be shipped to you.


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