Garment Care Instructions

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  1. Instructions are permanently affixed to the inside of each garment. Performance garments require a COLD WASH.
  2. Do not dry clean or iron garments, it may discolor the fabrics and damage the print.
  3. Uniforms should be laundered immediately after they have been worn, do not allow to lay on itself when wet.
  4. Fasten all Velcro to avoid snagging garments in wash.
  5. Do not soak nylon or spandex garments.
  6. Wash white garments separately from Colored garments.
  7. Do not overload machine.
  8. Use mild detergent.
  9. Remove garments from machine immediately after washing, this will help avoid color bleeding.
  10. Do not use chlorine bleach.
  11. Do not use fabric softeners as they will deteriorate garments with spandex, and limit the effects of moisture management.
  12. Line dry technical fabrics. Do not dry.
  13. Be sure garments are completely dry before storing, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent mildew or yellowing.
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