How to Place an Order

Thank you for choosing Wicked Smart!

*Orders may be placed via email at: or by telephone at: (518)-459-2855, regular business hours are M-F, 8:30am-5pm EST*

THIS IS FOR DIRECT ORDERS, NOT WEB ORDERS, but questions about web orders may still be sent to

The Process:

1.) Please specify the style garment, quantity, and size breakdowns for the order
  • If you do not know the specific style # of a garment, describe to the best of your ability the style/sex/color/material you are looking for the garment to come in
  • If you are looking for a quote, we will need to know:
    • Quantity of garments
    • Description of what the specific garments we will be printing on are
    • How many colors the artwork will be
    • How many locations we will be printing artwork on the garment
2.) Please ensure that artwork/design details have been explained, and that artwork has been sent to, please include your name-job name in the subject line.
Art Requirements:
  • Embroidery: .DST files (Preferred)
  • All other art: .eps files, .ai files (vector format, with all text converted to lines preferred)
    • We will do our best to recreate any other forms of artwork, pictures, text, logo brought to us in other formats. (.jpg, .gif, .pdf, .doc, .png etc.)
3.) Once your order has been placed, and art instructions and files are given to our graphic design department, we will contact you with a mock-up proof for your approval. *Please Note: We will not move forward with your order until we receive your written confirmation of approval of all final artwork!*
4) Customers will be contacted when orders have been completed. If your order has multiple parts, unless otherwise specified, you will be contacted once all parts of your order are ready for pickup (or shipping).
  •  Should you have questions about the status of your order, please forward all such questions to or contact us at (518) 459-2855

Wicked Smart LLC accepts all major credit cards:   checks & cash for direct orders, or payment through paypal in addition to the listed cards for all orders placed online.
Payment Through PayPal In Addition To The Listed Credit Cards For All Orders Placed Online.
  • Credit authorization forms for first time customers placing direct orders will be provided upon request. These can be faxed to 518-459-2856 or delivered directly to us at the time your order is placed.
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