Our Story


When you relate to something on a personal level, your efforts are inherently preeminent. It is this sort of understanding that led to the founding of Wicked Smart in 2003. Founded by a team of athletes--who knew from experience that athletes in their comfort zone, are those that can and will perform at higher levels for longer periods of time, Wicked Smart set out to create a different kind of performance apparel. The founders of WS began their search for technology that reduces sweat, increases comfort, and keeps you cool and in your comfort zone. What they found; fabrics that respond to physiological changes of the body, such as temperature, humidity, and condensation. From this discovery, WS began by designing a line of shirts and performance socks.



Taking on new ownership by the Van Epps family in 2009, it wasn't long before Wicked Smart acknowledged the opportunity to not only design custom fabrics, but to take customization one level further to include decoration of custom garments. With a large portfolio of apparel brands available, Wicked Smart has consistently taken customization to a new level of quality and dependency since its inception. By 2012, WS had outgrown its existing location, and by March 2012 we moved to our new home, inside what was formerly St. Brigid's Church and School in Watervliet, N.Y. "A Church?" many ask. Interested in a larger warehouse, the Van Epps came across the St. Bridget's campus in their search. Upon discovery that St. Brigid was the Patron Saint of printing presses, the find seemed all too perfect. The 1851 church offered unexpected convenience with its wide main nave offering an aisle separating the two sides of the production floor with constantly operating machinery. The original altar was sold to another church, while the original stain glass windows remain intact, offering a beautifully adapted reuse and retaining the original sentiment.

The 1886 school attached to the church facilitates Wicked Smart's single-source approach, providing office space and amenities for the staff. The school building also offers an apparel showroom for samples: With so many different opinions and tastes, we know the importance of not only being able to see a garment but being able to touch it. 



Wicked Smart, a play on words for our objective; to find smart fabrics with wicking properties. We firmly believe that what you wear is one of the factors we can have control over to ensure you perform to the best of your ability in whatever field it is you apply yourself, and we're adamant about sharing this confidence with all of our customers. 



Wicked Smart is a local, full service provider of apparel (licensed team dealer of Under Armour), and promotional items. Utilizing a single source approach, and with all apparel customization done in-house, we control the process, and the quality! Our goal is to help you design custom apparel solutions to maximize the impact for your club, team, organization, or business within your budget. 

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery
  • Transfers
  • Corporate Apparel
  • Custom T-shirts and Apparel
  • Jerseys
  • Promotional Items
  • Free Web Stores, With Options for Fundraising for Your Organization

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orders@wickedsmartapparel.com & 518-459-2855

Custom Made T-Shirts & Uniforms You'll Love!
Printed in Albany, NY

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