Attic Online

Just like the Real Attic on Wicked Smart's 3rd floor....

full of deep discount bargains!

We are open Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm in our retail store, located on the 3rd floor of the WICKED SMART school side of the building.

Are you looking to outfit your Flag Football team? find it here.
Are you looking to get your dance team a gift? find it here.
How about ordering vests for your staff? find it here.
Just getting a jersey for Johnny to wear to his brother's/ sister's game? find it here.
  • Overstocks galore!
  • Watch for us to reload weekly!
  • Once items are sold out, that's it they're GONE!
  • Ask about our decorating services (monograms & personalization, logos, player #s....)!
  • Personalization starting at $10 per placement. Contact for a more accurate quote. Please provide logo in email.
  • All FIRST QUALITY garments
  • Even a few Abandoned orders...
  • Items in the ATTIC ONLINE Collection are online only. Items found here will not be available in our physical retail store @ Wicked Smart.
  • All sales are final. We cannot accept returns or exchanges.

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