Essential Leggings

Why we love these leggings

Essential to any active woman's wardrobe is a versatile yet fashionable pant. The Essentia full length legging fills this need. Made from a luxurious and supple nylon supplex® fabric, this pant has been fine tuned to have the best fit possible. Whether you want to call this a legging, yoga pant or just a workout pant, it will be essential to your active lifestyle wardrobe

Fabric + Features

  • Bottom weight 87% Nylon Supplex 13% Spandex
  • Carefully designed waistband height to ensure coverage during yoga poses, dance routines, and athletic movement
  • Supplex is a premium fabric for leggings, tights, and capris due to soft and supple feel, fully breathable, faster drying than cotton, and holds its shape over time.



Type: Leggings

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