St. George's School Uniform Bookstore

 Welcome to the

St. George's School Uniform Bookstore!

Quality items for the student, parent, teacher and more.....


This storefront is ongoing.
Expected Delivery of Items is approximately 2-3 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE & read carefully: The processing of your order may take up to two weeks. The shipping method you select pertains to how your order will be shipped once it has been processed and is complete. Choosing expedited shipping will not effect the processing of your order, just how it is delivered. Please contact our offices with any questions. Thank you!

***Please choose one of the following methods to receive your completed order:

*Pick up at WICKED SMART offices (free option) 

*Delivery to St. George's School office (free option)- choose "Pick up from Coordinator" 

*USPS delivery to your home (additional shipping charges will apply)

 ***All sales are final: Due to the nature of customization per order, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges.***

Do not hesitate to contact our offices regarding sizing questions. We can provide a size chart or you may visit our extensive showroom with samples. 


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