Siena College Women's Rugby

Welcome to The Siena College Women's Rugby Webstore!

The Siena Women's Rugby storefront will remain open until Wednesday, January 20th at 11:59PM.

Expected delivery of orders the week of February 8th.

The Siena Women's Rugby coordinator is Hannah Fitzsimmons,

There are several delivery options available. You may choose "Pick Up By Coordinator" at no charge. Orders will be picked up by Kelli Frei distributed by the Store Coordinator. They will contact you with more information regarding pick ups. You may also choose Shipping via UPS/USPS/FedEx at an additional charge. Choosing Shipping by any of these carriers will not expedite the arrival of the order. All orders shipped or "Pick Up" are delivered at the same time. "Picking Up at Wicked Smart" is also a free of charge option.

***Please place orders within timeframe. We will be unable to accept late orders due to strict timelines.***

Do not hesitate to contact our offices regarding sizing questions. We can provide a size chart or you may visit our extensive showroom with samples.

Please Note: All sales are final. Orders are made custom per order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of decorated garments. 

Should you have sizing concerns at the time of your order, please email or call us at 518-459-2855



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