Belanger School of Nursing

Welcome to the Belanger School of Nursing Apparel Shoppe!

This store will close on Sunday April 4th @ 11:59pm.
Orders will be complete for estimated delivery the week of April 20th.


 *Please be courteous and place your orders before the store closes. We will be unable to accept late orders or add on orders after the store has closed and has been processed for production.

Delivery FAQs:

  1. You may authorize the store coordinator, Kaitlyn Dugal, to pick up your order. She will give further instructions on distribution once the orders are complete.
  2. You may also choose Shipping via UPS/USPS/FedEx at an additional charge. Choosing Shipping by any of these carriers will not expedite the arrival of the order.
  3. You may also choose to pick up your order at Wicked Smart at no additional charge. We will notify you via email- so please enter valid email that you check often. In the email will be directions, our hours and our COVID-19 policy.

All orders shipped or "Pick Up" are delivered at the same time. 

Using an EXPRESS PAYMENT Method, Paypal, Applepay......, will auto populate and select "Pick Up @ Wicked Smart" as your delivery method.


Please Note: All sales are final. Orders are made custom per order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for decorated garments. Orders cancelled during production phase are subject to a restocking fee.

Should you have sizing concerns at the time of your order, please email or call us at 518-459-2855

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