A Mystery In-Kind Bag

Back by popular demand.

Open the first Thursday of the month.

Opening August 6th until August 8th@ 11:59pm

Only open for a limited time, don't miss what everyone is talking about!

Mystery In-Kind bags offered for a limited time throughout the year, so we have time to package up all your donations and deliver them to programs in need. Thank you for your support!


What will be in your Mystery In-Kind bag??!

The "MYSTERY": What will be in the bag?

The "IN-KIND": A donation to the local Homeless Shelter/Program.

  • Choose "I'm hot." (warmer weather items: examples may include- short sleeve tshirt, tank, baseball cap, sunglasses....) OR "I'm cool." (colder weather items: examples may include- long sleeve tshirt, hoodies, pompom hats, waterbottle)
  • Choose a size: Adult (men's), Ladies fit, Youth sizes
  • Our creative staff will put together the Mystery signature Wicked Smart Bag, and ship out for a surprise! You will receive 4 items in your bag in accordance with the size selected. All items are first quality.
  • By ordering the Mystery In-Kind bag, Wicked Smart will donate the same size garment to our local Homeless Shelter/Program. A gift for you & donation from you!
  • Send a Mystery In-Kind bag to your favorite someone. Surprised by their gift and the gift of giving!

Mystery FAQs:

Each bag includes 4(four) items in accordance with the size selected, PLUS a fifth item donated to an area Homeless Shelter/Program by Wicked Smart.

5 items for starting at only $19.95!!

All items are first quality items. Items are not damaged, returns or pre-worn.

No two bags are exactly the same! Every Mystery bag will have different items

Items may be blank or decorated. Decoration varies, and may include misprints (spelling errors, color variations, out of reg prints), overstocks, discontinued styles or items from cancelled orders. 

A garment of the size selected will be donated to an area Homeless Shelter/Program.

Bags may include, and are not limited to: cotton or performance tshirts, cotton or performance sweatshirts, baseball hats, pompom hats, beanies, socks, tank tops, 1/4 zip pullovers, sunglasses, waterbottles, golf towels, shorts, sweatpants, headbands, tie dye tshirts, even "BRAND NAME"...... and more! Wicked Smart team members will expertly choose items for the bag.

*All sales are final. We are unable to accept returns or exchanges*

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